Bombardier Positions Challenger 3500 Business Jet Mockup in Olbia, Italy, For Customer Viewings Throughout the Summer

  • The Bombardier Challenger 3500 business jet mockup is presented at the Costa Smeralda Airport in Olbia, Italy, after stops in Paris and Nice
  • Full-size mockup is on display throughout the summer at the Sardinia FBO, showcasing to clients the Challenger 3500 award-winning cabin and exclusive Nuage seat
  • Exceptional comfort, remarkable performance, and trusted reliability make the Challenger 3500 stand out as a leading choice in business aviation

OLBIA, Italy, July 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bombardier is excited to announce the presence of the Challenger 3500 aircraft mockup at the private terminal of the Costa Smeralda Airport in Olbia, Italy. Throughout the summer, business aviation clients will have a firsthand opportunity to experience the award-winning cabin and see the revolutionary seating of the super midsize jet. The journey of the full-size aircraft mockup included stops in Paris and Nice, France, and provides a convenient setting for European clients to discover the innovative and sophisticated features that make the Bombardier Challenger 3500 the leader in its class.

“The presence of the Bombardier Challenger 3500 mockup in a frequented travel destination such as Olbia is a testament to our commitment to providing a stress-free and easy access to product viewing,” said Emmanuel Bornand, Vice President, International Sales, Bombardier. “This is one of the many ways we make the business aviation experience unique. Every step of the way, we consistently tailor our services and support to meet our clients at their altitude, and that only comes from a genuine understanding of who they are and what they need. We are thankful to have this opportunity to showcase the amazing comfort, luxury and seamless technological features of the best-selling Challenger 3500 in the beautiful Sardinian FBO.”

The Challenger 3500 business jet, ‘’Best of the Best’’ laureate of the prestigious Red Dot Awards for Product Design, boasts the widest cabin in its class, providing passengers with an unparalleled sense of space and comfort. The custom-made cabin is a pinnacle of innovation and luxury, featuring the industry's first integrated voice-controlled technology in its segment, 4K monitors, and Bombardier’s revolutionary Nuage seats that offer peerless comfort and support by mimicking the natural movements of the human body.

Designed with wellness in mind, the state-of-the-art aircraft has also the lowest cabin altitude in its class, standing at 4,850 feet, which significantly reduces passenger fatigue and enhances overall well-being. Advanced sound insulation contributes to a serene travel environment, allowing passengers to work, rest, or converse in peace.

The Challenger 3500 has an impressive range, capable of flying 3,400 nautical miles (6,297 kilometers), which allows the aircraft to fly out of Olbia to anywhere non-stop in Europe and in most sought-after cities of Africa and the Middle East, including Abu Dhabi, Lagos, Nairobi and Brazzaville. This remarkable range is complemented by the super midsize jet’s ability to operate in challenging airports around the world, thanks to its takeoff distance of 4,835 feet (1,474 meters) and a landing distance of 2,308 feet (703 meters).

The pilot-centric avionics suite of the Challenger 3500 ensures a seamless flight experience, and the overall aircraft performance capabilities can be trusted to offer a striking dispatch reliability rate of over 99.8%. With the lowest direct operating costs in its class, the Challenger 3500 represents reliability and value.

Guests of the Costa Smeralda Airport are welcome to visit the Bombardier Challenger 3500 mockup anytime without appointment throughout the months of July and August. Clients interested in discovering the super midsize jet can also book a private viewing by contacting the Bombardier Sales team.

About Bombardier

At Bombardier (BBD-B.TO), we design, build, modify and maintain the world’s best-performing aircraft for the world’s most discerning people and businesses, governments and militaries. That means not simply exceeding standards, but understanding customers well enough to anticipate their unspoken needs.

For them, we are committed to pioneering the future of aviation—innovating to make flying more reliable, efficient and sustainable. And we are passionate about delivering unrivaled craftsmanship and care, giving our customers greater confidence and the elevated experience they deserve and expect. Because people who shape the world will always need the most productive and responsible ways to move through it.

Bombardier customers operate a fleet of approximately 5,000 aircraft, supported by a vast network of Bombardier team members worldwide and 10 service facilities across six countries. Bombardier’s performance-leading jets are proudly manufactured in aerostructure, assembly and completion facilities in Canada, the United States and Mexico.   

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Learn more about Bombardier’s industry-leading products and customer service network at Follow us on X @Bombardier.

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Bombardier Positions Challenger 3500 Business Jet Mockup in Olbia, Italy, For Customer Viewings Throughout the Summer


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