Santoni: Reorganization at the Top and New Strategic Management Structure

MILAN, Italy, June 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Giuseppe Santoni announces the appointment of Eraldo Poletto as CEO of Santoni S.p.A, starting June 2023.

Strategy and integration define the present and future of Santoni. An investment in people and expertise, which sees the transition of Giuseppe Santoni to Chairman and Executive President of the family-owned company that has been representing artisanal excellence in luxury footwear and accessories worldwide for almost 50 years.

This fundamental organizational change aims to guide the brand's strategic development and consolidate its international relevance while maintaining a strong connection to its roots. The transformation has already begun with the implementation of an internal strategic renewal plan and the appointment of experienced managers in each department, to enhance value at all levels.

While internal transformation starts with people, Santoni also aims to provide new expertise and collaboration to its employees, creating an environment in which the company's values are always front and center.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, innovative vision, and unwavering determination to achieve strategic objectives, Poletto will be a valuable asset for Santoni. His extensive and profound experience with prominent brands, coupled with a global perspective and strong determination, make him an ideal fit. Poletto, who is already a member of Santoni's Board of Directors and has decades of expertise in the luxury and retail sectors, has held positions such as CEO and Brand President of footwear brand Stuart Weitzman, which is part of the New York-based Tapestry group. He has also served as CEO of renowned Italian companies such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Furla, as well as Global CEO of Diesel, owned by the OTB group.

Being well-versed in the US market aligns with Santoni's tradition of overseas presence. Poletto has the ability to transform trends that drive the exclusive products sector worldwide into value. He combines technical expertise, global market knowledge, visionary and strategic capabilities, with a distinctly Italian taste for refined and selected production that is beloved by Santoni's exclusive clientele.

The recently appointed Chairman and Executive President, Giuseppe Santoni, stated, 'Working together with Eraldo Poletto, sharing a common goal, makes our path smoother and our objectives more easily attainable. Sharing a strategic vision means creating a path for everyone to walk confidently. We must enhance our knowledge and expand our understanding to do better and ensure continuity of excellence.'

For his part, Eraldo Poletto is ready to support the creation of reproducible standards of the highest quality, reconciling excellent craftsmanship with technology that preserves the distinctive beauty and recognizable characteristics of Santoni's Master Craftsmen’s creations.

'Santoni is born from the originality that comes from discipline, which does not conflict with creativity; instead, it serves to further develop talent,” says Eraldo Poletto, CEO of Santoni S.p.A. “Excellence in craftsmanship, distinctiveness, as well as engineering and reproducibility of the highest quality attained, are just some of the results that make us unique and incomparable.'

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Santoni: Reorganization at the Top and New Strategic Management Structure


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