Notified’s Investor Relations Event Platform Delivers New Features to Create Engaging and Accessible Stakeholder Communications

NEW YORK, April 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Notified, a globally trusted technology partner for investor relations, public relations and marketing professionals, today announced a series of enhancements that are now available in its Investor Relations (IR) Event Platform – including expanded features that bolster digital accessibility compliance and improve stakeholder engagement for earnings and investor days. The latest developments to the platform enable Notified customers to meet compliance requirements while creating high-impact events to strengthen and expand their shareholder base, learn more about their investment community, and access the insights and analytics they need to make informed decisions.

“In today’s complex business environment, the responsibility of successfully managing communications between corporate leadership and stakeholders is absolutely critical,” said Nimesh Davé, president, Notified. “Companies want to raise awareness, increase visibility and stay competitive. At Notified, we are committed to developing the tools that empower companies to amplify their stories by innovating traditional IR processes to meet evolving investor expectations and ultimately support successful business outcomes. The latest enhancements to Notified’s IR Event Platform enable innovation by delivering flexibility and optionality, while ensuring industry-leading compliance and security.”

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These enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Digital Accessibility and Compliance: Notified’s webcast players are regularly assessed and updated based on evolving accessibility requirements, in partnership with digital accessibility solution provider Level Access. The enhanced IR Event Platform webcast has an upgraded user experience that supports our customers in meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) Level AA standards, including screen reader compatibility.
  • New, Customized Layouts: new tools such as a welcome lobby and countdown clock are available to build excitement for highly anticipated events. Companies can match their full website look and feel by turning webcasts into one or multipage microsites.
  • Powerful Stakeholder Engagement: end users have increased control of their experience, including the ability to manage playback speed for both live and on-demand content, utilize live DVR to pause and resume without missing anything, and access to a picture-in-picture feature for video webcasts.
  • Optionality and Scalability: Notified’s IR Event Platform is available in Essentials and Expert modes – these new, flexible product versions enable IR teams to select a solution that meets their unique needs and budgets while ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all users.

“Notified’s IR Event Platform enables finance teams to make the most of required communications – it is purpose-built for investor communications and corporate reporting,” said Erik Carlson, COO and CFO, Notified. “We’ve prioritized the features and functionality that our clients depend on to meet today’s standards – including unmatched delivery, security, customer service and flexibility–while enabling future innovation.”

With decades of market experience, Notified is the #1 provider of IR webcasts and a trusted provider to 88% of the Fortune 100. In addition to being Systems and Organization Controls 2 (SOC2) certified, it continues to partner with industry leading accessibility advisors for webcasts and websites, solidifying Notified’s ability to reach client goals while maintaining security and accessibility. The company’s comprehensive suite of solutions enable businesses to effectively reach and engage customers, investors, employees and the media – from press release distribution via GlobeNewswire to earnings calls, IR websites, social listening, media engagement, webinars and digital experiences.

“It's deeply rewarding to support businesses that share our commitment to creating a more equitable digital world,” said Tim Springer, CEO, Level Access. “Notified has prioritized digital accessibility by building inclusive experiences for its customers and continues to prioritize accessibility to align with new feature releases. We couldn’t be prouder of our work together on the IR Event Platform, and we’re confident our collaboration will continue to change the status quo for online inclusion in the future.”

To learn more about Notified’s IR Event Platform, visit:

About Notified:
Notified is committed to making it easy for brands to create and share powerful stories with the world. Our suite of world-class, award-winning solutions and our dedicated customer service team are relied upon by more than 10,000 global customers, from growing businesses and public companies to some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Notified’s solutions help businesses effectively share and amplify their stories—to customers, investors, employees and the media. From press release distribution via GlobeNewswire to earnings calls, IR websites, social listening, media engagement, webinars and digital experiences, Notified has you covered. Notified is a part of West Technology Group, LLC (formerly Intrado Corporation) controlled by affiliates of certain funds managed by Apollo Global Management, Inc. (NYSE: APO). Notified is headquartered in New York, N.Y.

Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or our blog.


Hannah Freedman

Director, Media and Communications 

Notified’s Investor Relations Event Platform Delivers New Features to Create Engaging and Accessible Stakeholder Communications


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