OneStream Splash Empowers the Office of the CFO to Take Finance Further with Innovation to Core Finance Operations

LAS VEGAS, May 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OneStream Software, the leading enterprise Finance management platform that modernizes the Office of the CFO by unifying core finance and operational functions -- including financial close, consolidation, reporting, planning and forecasting, today announced nearly a dozen product innovations at its annual customer conference, OneStream Splash. In an increasingly complex and competitive business landscape, new OneStream solutions empower the Office of the CFO to set aside complexity, eliminate friction and Take Finance Furthertm.

“Finance leaders are under immense pressure to cut through all the uncertainty of today and steer the business towards growth,” said Tom Shea, CEO, OneStream during OneStream Splash. “Too many Finance leaders spend days, nights, and even weekends, trying to make sense of disparate data and processes – at the expense of moving the business forward. Today’s news underscores the critical steps we have taken to innovate core finance operations that empower CFOs to become more strategic than ever.”

Revolutionizing Core Finance: New Solutions to Simplify and Unify Operations

OneStream has announced a series of innovations designed to power the core finance function with easier, automated and simplified ways to execute critical analysis and configure and report on business performance drivers and across the entire enterprise. Announcements include:

  • Simplified Corporate Performance Management (CPM) execution: OneStream CPM Express is a simplified and packaged version of core CPM capabilities including financial close, consolidations, budgeting, reporting and forecasting. With pre-built functionalities, predefined reports and guided configuration, CPM express simplifies core activities and speeds up processes across the Finance function.
  • Centralized Narrative Reporting: OneStream’s new approach to Narrative Reporting increases the strategic impact of the Finance function, by centralizing and accelerating a traditionally lengthy and disjointed narrative report assembly. Perform live analysis of corporate performance drivers found on the OneStream platform and collaborate with other business functions all within Microsoft Office, with documents that are linked to fuel automated updates to data and comments.
  • A Simplified Financial Management Experience from Anywhere: OneStream’s Modern Browser Experience streamlines access to reports, insights, dashboards and the full power of the OneStream Platform on-the-go, across web browser, iPhone, Tablet and more.
  • New Solutions on the OneStream Solution Exchange: Today, there are more than 90 solutions available on the OneStream Solution Exchange. New partner solutions announced include:
    • AIQOS – Lease Accounting
    • AMCO – Advanced Tax Connect
    • Asperitas – HomePage Builder
    • Black Diamond – Accordion Rolling Forecast & Simple Code
    • Inlumi – Enterprise Tax Reporting
    • MindStream Analytics – Accrual Manager – 606 Deferred Revenue

“OneStream creates a single source of truth across the organization, providing unparalleled visibility and transparency into core financial processes,” said Conor Lawler, CFO at Sandals Resorts. “This unified approach has put finance at the center of our business planning, empowering our team to make data-driven decisions with greater accuracy and confidence. By harnessing the power of data, we gain deeper insights into our customers’ wants and expectations and can proactively anticipate their needs.”

Drive Finance-led Business Planning with New Analytic Capabilities that Steer the Business

To enable more financially led business operations, OneStream announced a series of innovations that help organizations steer workforce plans, demand forecasts, sales plans, ESG goals and more while analyzing the impact on financial performance.

  • Finance-led business planning with InfinitySPM’s Sales Performance Management (SPM) for OneStream: InifinitySPM’s SPM for OneStream solution empowers FP&A and Revenue teams to plan, manage and analyze sales performance, a traditionally disjointed and siloed workstream, across the entire enterprise. Built on the OneStream platform, SPM for OneStream expands Finance-led business planning efforts by ending the data wrangling across multiple tools and data sets, unifying crucial enterprise insights into one process, strategically aligning sales goals, metrics, incentives and compensation plans with comprehensive revenue forecasting, budgeting and financial planning. This unified approach eliminates data siloes and misaligned objectives and helps Finance leaders steer the business towards growth.
  • Evaluate Business Performance within Microsoft’s Power BI Connector: OneStream certified Power BI Connector provides a no-code seamless integration that allows Finance leaders to quickly connect and consume trusted financial and operational data from OneStream within Microsoft’s Power BI.
  • Personalized analysis and reporting without the need of a technical expert with OneStream Genesis: OneStream Genesis improves the automation and collaboration of the Financial Close workstream by providing a no-code framework to personalize and simplify analytics and reporting on top of OneStream’s unified data model. From the visual identity of the UX to dashboard widgets to data sources and analytics, a simple drag-and-drop interface helps Finance leaders create specialized dashboards and widgets against the data for C-level consumption, without needing to create special coding or formulas on the back end.
  • Agile analytics and reporting with OneStream Dynamic Cubes: OneStream Dynamic Cubes creates an interactive modeling and analysis of the business by quickly unifying granular transactional, operational and financial data, regardless of where it resides, to deliver real-time analytics and drive growth.

OneStream Splash is OneStream’s flagship customer conference designed to power the Office of the CFO to steer the business towards the future. OneStream Splash will take place next year on May 13-16, 2025, in Nashville, TN. To learn more or to register for the OneStream Splash User Conference next year, visit:

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About OneStream Software

OneStream is how today’s Finance teams can go beyond just reporting on the past and Take Finance Further by steering the business to the future. It’s the only enterprise finance platform that unifies all your financial and operational data, embeds AI for better decisions and productivity, and can extend to meet the evolving needs of your business, without adding technical debt.

We deliver the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based platform to modernize the Office of the CFO. Our Digital Finance Cloud uniquely unifies key financial and operational data and processes, embeds AI for faster and better planning and forecasting, and is infinitely extensible so customers can add new utility and achieve more value as their business needs evolve.

OneStream is an independent software company backed by private equity investors KKR, Tidemark, Partners Fund Capital and Alkeon Capital Management. With nearly 1,400 customers, more than 230 implementation partners and 1,300 employees, our vision is to be the operating system for modern Finance, digitizing core financial functions and empowering the CFO to become a critical driver of business strategy.

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OneStream Splash Empowers the Office of the CFO to Take Finance Further with Innovation to Core Finance Operations


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