’s Natasha: Now Everywhere, Your Constant Companion in Software Development

LONDON, Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, the AI powered composable software platform that allows every business and entrepreneur to become digitally powered, announced today that Natasha (the world's first AI product manager) will now be with you for every step of your software journey, starting in 2024. Natasha has evolved from a product manager into your business analyst, your brainstorming companion and more.

Natasha does more than just communicate; she listens, understands, and acts. Over the past two years, Natasha has been the driving force behind numerous successful application launches worldwide. Delivering support for your business from start to finish of the digital journey, guiding you through the entire process of app ideation, design and development.

But today marks a new journey for and Natasha, as she now goes beyond helping with just building a solution, now she’s your constant companion as you scale your ideas. That means helping you understand what’s successful, what more you could do, and even empowering entire enterprises, so everyone can innovate but no one is duplicating work.

What makes Natasha unique is her multi modal nature. She can leverage the Knowledge Graph, which has the most unique semantic understanding of software, features and more, and then use both Neural Networks and Language Models (both large and small) to communicate with you – in a way that’s tailored for each customer.

'Natasha is not a feature, she integrates seamlessly into your workflow, providing support, guidance, and innovative solutions at every step – eliminating any fear of failing from our customers. We want to ensure that the journey from idea conception to product realisation to measured successful outcome is smooth, efficient, and free from misunderstandings,' said Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard & Founder of 'She's grown, learned, and now stands ready to be an even more integral part of our software development assembly line.'

This is How Natasha Brings New Products to Life

Natasha as a platform: Soon Natasha will be able to join any digital platform and tailor your customers’ experience each time they land, remembering who they are and helping them get what they need. She can help internal teams harness the collective knowledge of an entire enterprise. Everyone can engage in meaningful dialogues with her, and she’ll provide the same kind of service you receive when you use – tailored and on-point.

Voice to Code: Watch as Natasha transforms spoken words into user stories and application code. This integrates seamlessly with’s Building Blocks so that you can see what you want, faster and reduce the need for human customisation even further.

Your Enterprise Digital Transformation Companion: Natasha is more than a platform; she is a partner. Natasha can soon connect meetings, documents, and brainstorming into cohesive “Buildcards,” streamlining the journey from concept to reality. You’ll be able to summon her anywhere and in any kind of meeting from whiteboard to live meetings and she can tell you when something has already been built, or even the kind of problems your organisation is trying to solve.

Inspiration and Insight: Beyond functionality, Natasha is there to help inspire and suggest thoughtful enhancements, driven by the collective intelligence of the platform, based on the many applications she’s helped build before.

Voice to Business Intelligence: Now you’ll be able to know exactly how the software Natasha has helped you build is working. Analytics becomes intuitive, as Natasha can offer insights driven by understanding of what you’re building. Soon, she’ll understand any kind of data, structured or otherwise. Imagine being able to ask a question about anything to do with your data and Natasha is able to create a dashboard on the fly, answer with a graph or just give you a chat response.

Voice to Voice: Most exciting is that Natasha will be able to talk to you in real life. She’s going to get a voice, so she can engage with you synchronously, just like another member of the team.

Check out how Natasha works here

Why Natasha Being Everywhere Matters

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, your need for an agile, intuitive, and comprehensive development partner is more crucial than ever. Natasha now meets this need, ensuring your digital journey is smooth, efficient, and innovative.

Experience Natasha Live
Meet Natasha at and see how she slowly starts to evolve into a contextual companion across the journey and beyond.

About® is an AI-powered composable software platform for every idea and company on the planet. The AI-powered assembly line fuses together Lego-like reusable features, using Building Blocks™ automation to reduce human effort, leveraging a verified network of experts to vastly extend development capabilities, and producing apps at almost zero failure rate that are multitudes cheaper and faster than traditional software development.

Led by serial entrepreneur Sachin Dev Duggal, is reshaping how software is built and operated with a suite of products and services, including BUILDER STUDIO, BUILDER CLOUD, BUILDER NOW, STUDIO STORE and STUDIO RAPID. landed on the 2023 Fast Company list of Most Innovative Companies, was awarded “Hottest AI Startup” and 2022’s “Hottest Scale-Up” at the Europas for Europe's successful tech start-ups and Best COVID-19 Innovation-Recovery at CogX and awarded 'Visionary' in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Multi-experience Development Platforms. is headquartered in London, supported by employees and hubs in Delhi NCR, Singapore, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Sophia Antipolis, and Dubai. For more information, visit

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A video accompanying this announcement is available at:’s Natasha: Now Everywhere, Your Constant Companion in Software Development


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