Explorer Mike Horn launches new world expedition from Monaco

MONACO, May 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mike Horn has launched a new expedition to explore the world and inspire environmental actions. The Swiss-South African explorer cast off aboard his ice-breaker sailing boat Pangaea (35m) from the Yacht Club de Monaco’s marina on Wednesday afternoon. Now flying the Monaco flag, the boat is on the start of another four-year round the world expedition, this one entitled 'What’s Left', watched by YCM President HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. 'With Pangaea as the principal mode of transport, this expedition will take us to the Arctic, the Amazon jungle, Antarctica, Patagonia, the Australian desert, New Zealand, northern Canada, Alaska and Asia,' explained Mike Horn who is rethinking his adventure career with this last major project.

The 'What's Left' expedition will revisit iconic places that marked Horn's career, as well as locations he has not been to yet. The plan includes stopovers of six months in each destination with the four member crew. The purpose is to take stock of the state of the planet, become the spokesperson and involve the public in this adventure. 'Faced with the climate emergency, it is imperative that living proof replaces the promises,' said HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. It’s a philosophy shared by the explorer: 'Thanks to extensive research we know now that we have to make every effort to change the situation. We know sea temperatures are rising, that we have problems with microplastics, that fires and floods are increasing. Nature is in revolt.'

Fourteen years after the start of the first expedition on Pangaea, that also left from Yacht Club de Monaco, the man who has spent his life exploring the planet and observing nature now intends to protect it by engaging the new generation. That’s why at the same time as launch of his new expedition, Mike Horn and his team are also launching the second edition of their environmental programme for young people, Pangaea X, conceived to inspire and support them to bring to fruition projects that have a positive impact.
Just before his departure, Horn invited youngsters from YCM’s Sports Section to come aboard for a tour, much to their delight. By combining exploration, education and an eco-commitment, Horn hopes to inspire a new generation of stakeholders in the planet and encourage positive action towards a more sustainable future.

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Explorer Mike Horn launches new world expedition from Monaco

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