Pirelli: a Video Illustrating 11 Years of Annual Reports

MILAN, Italy, March 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Financial statements that can be leafed through like art books. Since 2010, Pirelli's annual report has changed guise, becoming a publication enriched by the contribution of personalities from the world of art and culture from all over the world. A brand storytelling project that, for the past 11 years, has used essays, images and artwork to tell the story of the company, going beyond the figures, in line with a tradition that has always seen Pirelli at the forefront in promoting its corporate culture with innovative forms of communication.
Cartoonists, writers, street artists, scriptwriters, calligraphers, musicians, philosophers, ceramists and illustrators alike have enriched the company's annual reports over the years: artists with different backgrounds, nationalities and generations who have portrayed the company's soul in original and unique ways. An artistic journey illustrated in the video '11 Years of Pirelli Annual Reports,' a visual summary of the works, texts and graphics that have been featured in Pirelli's annual reports from 2010 to 2021, while waiting to discover the creative approach that will be used in the 2022 annual report.

The first creative project linked to Pirelli's annual report, in 2010, saw the involvement of photography students from NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan, who were called upon to interpret a theme that has become increasingly relevant over time, that of sustainability. Then, in 2011, it was the turn of designer Stefan Glerum, who interpreted the values of Pirelli: reliability, flexibility, speed, technology and innovation. In 2012, it was the turn of New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly, who interpreted in graphic form the ten words chosen by university students from around the world on the most significant values for their future. The 2013 annual report saw writer and screenwriter Hanif Kureishi coordinate 10 young international talents in reworking the concept of the wheel in the project 'Spinning the Wheel.' In 2014, street art was showcased with works by the Brazilian Marina Zumi, the German Dome and the Russian Alexey Luka, focusing on themes such as the street, mobility and multiculturalism. The following year, in 2015, Pirelli called Russian artist Pokras Lampas, an exponent of modern calligraphy, to represent the value of uniqueness – hence the title of the publication: 'Every Mark is Unique’ – through handwriting and fingerprints; the report also included the text 'Like the sentinel moon' by writer Javier Marias. The 2017 'Data Meets Passion' annual report described Pirelli's digital transformation, illustrated by the artist Emiliano Ponzi and with the contribution of three internationally renowned writers: Mohsin Hamid, Tom McCarthy and Ted Chiang. In 2018, the annual report was dedicated to 25 years of 'Power is Nothing Without Control,’ with images evocative of the pay-off that identifies Pirelli around the world and texts by three internationally renowned authors: Adam Greenfield, Lisa Halliday and J.R. Moehringer. In 2019, resilience was the central theme of 'The Road Ahead,’ with unpublished texts by writer Emmanuel Carrère and essayist John Seabrook, and illustrations by visual artist Selman Hoşgör. 'The Human Dimension' was the title of the 2020 annual report, in which three authors – Luciano Floridi, Michele Masneri and Jia Tolentino – reflected on the importance of human capital and the impacts that technological and social transformations have on people. Finally, in 2021, several internationally renowned artists – Giovanni Mengoni, Tu Yonghong, Lisette Correa, Brazilian Art Collective and Andrei Cavassi – created works of art inspired by the sounds, colours and atmospheres of five Pirelli factories around the world, accompanied by original texts by the theologian and philosopher Vito Mancuso and writer Nadia Owusu.

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Pirelli: a Video Illustrating 11 Years of Annual Reports


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