Inspiring Millions of Women @ SXSW’s Global Equality Summit

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- i-On Skincare’s Brand Director, Kathryn Beaton will be joined by State of Menopause CEO Stacy London and The Female Quotient CEO Shelley Zalis to discuss “Empowering Women Over 40” on Sunday March 12th from 2-2:30pm CT at the Equality LoungeⓇ @ SXSW in Austin, TX. Menopausal women over 40 are the fastest-growing demographic in today’s workforce, yet the topic of aging well remains largely taboo or ignored. Relying on decades of combined experience in the field, three of the industry’s most insightful women will cut through the myths, stigmas, and misinformation to reveal how best to support the more than one million women who experience menopause annually.

A sudden dip in estrogen has long been pinpointed as the source of hot flashes, insomnia, and accelerated skin aging associated with menopause. After digging into more than 125 years of research, i-On Founder Dr. Xi Huang - a toxicology and applied pharmacology expert - came to a different conclusion. He attributed visible signs of aging to the excessive buildup of iron within the body. Without regular menstruation, the body loses its natural means of circumventing iron-related damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. As the industry’s first “age disrupting” skincare, i-On introduces Dr. Xi’s patented De-Ironizing Inducer complex (DII®), slowing the signs of visible aging by neutralizing iron oxidation. Four groundbreaking, multi-tasking formulations reduce damage by releasing and removing excess surface iron, repairing and rebuilding a healthy complexion.

“i-On skincare really works - so well, in fact, that I decided to transition my own line of skincare into a community-driven platform to build awareness about the menopause process, empowering and supporting women to navigate this process beautifully.”

“Menopause used to be a death sentence, marking the end of life as we know it,” shares Beaton. “Really, it’s a formative transitional phase in which women can embrace a whole new personal power to carry them through the next several decades - and i-On empowers them to do so confidently and beautifully.”

Inspiring Millions of Women @ SXSW’s Global Equality Summit

Although estrogen drops significantly during menopause, the most telling sign of menopause is the cessation of menstruation. This results in a sudden increase of iron in the body, which is commonly overlooked. The largest organ of the body is the skin, and iron buildup during and after menopause can contribute to oxidative stress as well as skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation, says Dr. Xi. With extensive research and our overall knowledge of aging and skin tone allows us to address visible signs of aging more effectively.' Says Dr. Xi.

Before spearheading the i-On brand, Beaton played an integral role in taking several companies from concept to global market. She pioneered product design for fashion icons like Manolo Blahnik, in addition to orchestrating the expansion of the multi-million dollar TOCCA Beauty/lifestyle brand. With experience in everything from creative direction, brand storytelling, and supply chain/logistics to product development, finance, and distributor partnerships, Beaton now focuses her in-depth expertise on the proprietary i-On skincare collection - the first “age disrupting” line engineered to empower women to look and feel younger using advanced health beauty technology.

See the visible i-On difference with a complimentary moisturizing hand massage or skin treatment, plus product samples and brand giveaways at Booth FQ at the Waller Creek Boathouse 74 Trinity St. Austin, TX 78701 on March 11th-12th during SXSW. Learn more at Follow @ionskincare on Instagram for product insights, how-to’s, and real results. RSVP to the Equality LoungeⓇ @ SXSW at

About i-On Skincare:
Founded by toxicology and applied pharmacology expert Dr. Xi Huang, i-On skincare applies over 125 years of scientific research to introduce the health beauty tech industry’s first-ever line of “age disrupting” skincare. An expanding collection of four multi-functional formulations feature Dr. Xi’s patented De-Ironizing Inducer complex (DII®) to neutralize the free radical oxidative stress that rapidly ages skin. i-On empowers women everywhere with the knowledge and products to truly disrupt signs of visible aging, achieving softer, smoother, healthier skin in as few as 14 days. Start the disruption process at Follow @ionskincare on Instagram for product insights, how-to’s, and real results.

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