CNH completes purchase of Hemisphere GNSS, consolidates guidance and connectivity tech capabilities

This development strengthens CNH’s position as a leading technology provider for agriculture and construction

Basildon, October 12, 2023

CNH Industrial has completed its purchase of the global satellite navigation technology leader Hemisphere GNSS (Hemisphere) for a total consideration of USD $175 million – as announced on March 30, 2023.

This acquisition solidifies CNH’s in-house precision, automation and autonomy technology, enabling us to continue Breaking New Ground for the agriculture and construction industries. It furthers our vertical integration efforts to deliver cutting-edge core technologies to our customers’ fleets for top performance, combined with a smooth and seamless user experience.

With Hemisphere’s expertise and network, we are accelerating our strategic plan to attain leadership in automation technology, expedite delivery of a fully autonomous farming cycle, and extend and enhance automation and autonomy across a broad range of agriculture and construction applications.

“Bringing Hemisphere’s talent and resources into CNH reflects the energy and momentum of our investments in tech innovation. From 2024 onwards, we will bring notable value to customers through significant advancements in our journey from automating certain tasks to fully autonomous operation,” said Marc Kermisch, Chief Digital & Information Officer at CNH.

CNH is devoted to customer-inspired innovation. We are making farming and building easier, more productive, and more sustainable by giving our customers smart machinery that helps them make informed decisions.

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CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) is a world-class equipment and services company. Driven by its purpose of Breaking New Ground, which centers on Innovation, Sustainability and Productivity, the Company provides the strategic direction, R&D capabilities, and investments that enable the success of its global and regional Brands. Globally, Case IH and New Holland Agriculture supply 360° agriculture applications from machines to implements and the digital technologies that enhance them; and CASE and New Holland Construction Equipment deliver a full lineup of construction products that make the industry more productive. The Company’s regionally focused Brands include: STEYR, for agricultural tractors; Raven, a leader in digital agriculture, precision technology and the development of autonomous systems; Hemisphere, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-precision satellite-based positioning and heading technologies; Flexi-Coil, specializing in tillage and seeding systems; Miller, manufacturing application equipment; Kongskilde, providing tillage, seeding and hay & forage implements; and Eurocomach, producing a wide range of mini and midi excavators for the construction sector, including electric solutions.

Across a history spanning over two centuries, CNH Industrial has always been a pioneer in its sectors and continues to passionately innovate and drive customer efficiency and success. As a truly global company, CNH Industrial’s 40,000+ employees form part of a diverse and inclusive workplace, focused on empowering customers to grow, and build, a better world.
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  • SiteMetrix® a complete 3D GNSS site management and inspection tool developed by Hemisphere

CNH completes purchase of Hemisphere GNSS, consolidates guidance and connectivity tech capabilities


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