Pirelli P Zero E wins 'Tyre of the Year' 2023 Award 

Pirelli P Zero E wins 'Tyre of the Year' 2023 Award 

PARIS, Dec. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (LaPresse) -Pirelli P Zero E has clinched the 'Tyre of the Year' (Prix Point S) award at the 2023 Automobile Awards in Paris. The UHP tyre, a champion of technology and sustainability, was honoured with the accolade on Thursday at the sixth edition of the event, which brought together 53 brands, including automobile manufacturers and industry suppliers, at the Automobile Club de France in Paris. The Awards jury, comprising 20 men and 20 women, chose to reward the Pirelli P Zero E tyre for its performance, innovation, and sustainability.

The P Zero E incorporates the latest technical innovations developed by Pirelli to meet current trends in electric and sustainable mobility. It is the first high-performance tyre on the market with over 55% of materials sourced from natural and recycled origins, resulting in a reduction in the quantity of fossil and mineral-derived materials (-12 kg per tyre set). Furthermore, tyre wear (in terms of mass loss) is reduced by 42% compared to traditional high-performance Pirelli products. This tyre also debuts a specific logo identifying all Pirelli tyres containing at least 50% sustainable materials. The P Zero E is also the first high-performance tyre to achieve a triple A rating on the entire range of the European label and to deliver high performance both when new and worn. This product has been specially developed for electric vehicles, as indicated by the 'Elect' marking on all sizes in the range, highlighting features such as low rolling resistance and reduced noise. Making its debut on this tyre is also RunForward, a new Pirelli technology that allows continued travel in the event of a puncture (up to 40 km at 80 km/h) to reach the nearest tyre service.

Advanced virtualization technologies based on artificial intelligence, neural networks, and driving simulations were crucial during the design of this tyre. Pirelli's R&D department increasingly relies on machine learning techniques to predict the performance of each tyre in different driving conditions, even before a physical prototype is produced. These simulation systems can forecast the tyre's behaviour based on previous developments, enabling effective solutions to be proposed.

The award was received by Alejandro Recanses, General Manager of Pirelli West Europe: 'We are truly proud to have won the 'Tyre of the Year' award. The P Zero E, representing the new generation of Pirelli tyres, is a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability. Our ambitions and investments in this sector are strong: we aim for carbon neutrality in our industrial process by 2030 and follow goals based on scientific data for the decarbonization of our supply chain.' Pirelli P Zero E will initially be available in 17 sizes for the aftermarket from January 2024.

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