Web 3 SEO Expert Ferdinand Mehlinger Shares His Thoughts on

Poulsbo, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Poulsbo, Washington -

Ferdinand Mehlinger SEO Expert is using his decades of digital marketing experience to help Web 3 companies rise above their competition and dominate the decentralized internet of the future.

Web 3 is regarded by many industry experts and technology evangelists to be the next step in the evolution of the internet. The biggest way in which it differs from the internet today is the decentralization of the data and infrastructure that forms its backbone. Web 3 will also bring with it a host of technological innovations.

Web 3 SEO Expert Ferdinand Mehlinger Shares His Thoughts on

The blockchain is the fundamental technology on which Web 3 will be built. The exchange of value between creators, platforms, and users will be transacted using cryptocurrencies. Artificial intelligence is expected to bring transparency in the way content is recommended to users. Web 3 may also popularize interactive audio-visual experiences in the metaverse.

Ferdinand Mehlinger believes that the early mover advantage is going to be key for Web 3 businesses. “As adoption increases, entrepreneurs who had the foresight to build communities before the gold rush will thrive,” Ferdinand says, “whereas companies that are still waiting to make their move are going to be at a disadvantage. You might feel intimidated to start building an audience for your Web 3 community because of the fractured landscape that is akin to the wild west right now. However, I look at these nascent days of Web 3 as an opportunity to be one of the first to claim your stake. You don’t have to wait for Web 3 to become relevant or mature. It is already here.”

Since Web 3 is a paradigm shift in how the internet works on a fundamental level, the rules of SEO that are in use right now may or may not be applicable. The internet today is centrally controlled by a few companies which dictate the terms of how businesses can market themselves. Since Web 3 is about dismantling the hold that they have over data and giving it back to the people, business owners working on Web 3 products need SEO strategies that recognize the needs of those who will pioneer its adoption.

When asked about how businesses should approach SEO in Web 3, Ferdinand says, “A lot of the early adopters of Web 3 are smart and savvy users who are disillusioned with the current state of the internet. They are also vehemently protective of their privacy. They want their data and content to work for them instead of being monetized by giant corporations. So, you’re going to need smart SEO strategies that respect your target audience’s intelligence and desire for autonomy. To reach out to them, you must go where they are – forums, Discords, influencers, and more. Web 3 marketing is a whole different beast that requires a deep understanding of how these communities form and spread their message. I and my team of Web 3 SEO Experts at Bluoo Digital can help you tame it.”

Ferdinand Mehlinger is an experienced SEO expert and keynote speaker. He was part of the original team that developed the precursor to Google, the most visited website in the world today. His involvement in the industry from its inception gives him a unique insight into how to drive organic traffic and conversions for his clients. Ferdinand’s work encompasses a wide range of industries including E-waste and biotech companies, fitness influencers, social media apps, and digital marketing agencies.

Bluoo Digital, the company that Ferdinand founded in 2010, specializes in SEO while also offering services such as programming, development, web design, graphics, and business automation. The SEO agency’s client list includes big names such as the U.S. Military, JIT Enterprises, Jeunesse Global, The MLS, Redfin, and Warner Brothers. The company is now leading the Web 3 SEO transitioning phase by building relationships with Web 3 platforms like Pinata.cloud and Submarine.me.

Readers can reach out to Ferdinand Mehlinger at (619) 500-8088 or [email protected] More information about his work history and industry accolades can be found at LinkedIn SEO Expert.


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