VistaJet launches aviation's first 360 Wellness program at altitude and at destination

 Discover your wellness moment: VistaJet promotes wellbeing and connects Members to the original source of ancient and modern practices globally

  • VistaJet continues to pioneer service excellence with a unique onboard wellness program that aims to reduce jetlag and rejuvenate fliers;
  • Offering access to the most diverse wellness destinations through VistaJet’s Private World, with excursions spanning four continents and over 20 disciplines;
  • Rare and exclusive private sessions with ancient masters of the world’s most revered traditions and practices, as well as world leading private medical experts and cutting-edge technological treatments.

London, October 24, 2023: Since its inception in 2004, VistaJet, the first and only global business aviation company, has distinguished itself by doing things differently with the aim of making private flying simple and efficient. Continuing to challenge the boundaries of what is possible at 40,000 feet, VistaJet’s latest initiative is no less impressive — introducing the VistaJet Wellness program.

VistaJet’s new offering transforms the flight from a potential tiring experience into an energizing one, integrating onboard wellness facilities and services, to destinations with a focus on wellbeing. Responding to demand from its Members and global trends for greater meaning, longevity and impactful life experiences, VistaJet experts have curated a multifaceted global wellness portfolio that offers every Member a solution suited to their particular perspective and needs — whether a performance athlete seeking faster regeneration, business leaders seeking greater clarity focus and relaxation, or families wanting to broaden their personal and spiritual connection or discover new ways to live better.

Partnering with leading brands in the wellbeing and longevity space, VistaJet continues its innovative journey to offer its Members a better way to fly — and live.

“Flying better means living better, and the advantage of flying private should not be limited to the speed of the flight alone. In VistaJet’s aim for excellence, we researched all the ways to benefit the minds and bodies of the people who fly with us. Using our resources, knowledge and network, we can really support our Members, particularly those who spend a lot of time in the air. When flying is part of your life or business routine, we want to make sure it is a moment that adds value.” — Matteo Atti, Chief Marketing Officer, VistaJet.

A wellness program spanning four continents and over 20 disciplines.

Whilst the quest for a healthy life and living longer has existed as long as humankind, the wellness industry has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years, with McKinsey & Company estimating the value of the global wellness market at more than $1.5 trillion. Listening to its Members, and thanks to its truly global infrastructure and network, VistaJet has curated dedicated wellness solutions in the air and at destinations across the world that resonate with the people who fly on its silver and red aircraft.

Onboard wellness: pre-flight, in-flight, post-flight.

Flying affects both the body and the mind, and for people who fly a few times a week, the impact of jetlag has a real effect on everyday life and business focus. Creating a solution that helps Members stay at their best as they reach their destination is VistaJet’s series of pre, post and in-flight wellness services:

  • Pre-flight — consultations with a VistaJet nutritionist on the best foods to eat before and during flight, to pre-order in-flight meals that work for you and your mission ahead.
  • In-flight — from ergonomic seating on the game-changing Global 7500 aircraft to assist posture and dynamic daylight simulation to sync to destination time zone, to meditation and breathing apps, wellness dining menus designed alongside nutritionists and leading athletes — including Charles Leclerc — to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize, and onboard products from leading wellness brands including Guerlain’s Orchidée Imperial collection and specialist natural whole fruit and herb infusions range from JING served on board.
  • Post-flight — wellness guides created by leading physician Dr Jordan Shlain and his team at Private Medical provide tips and guidance for maintaining optimal wellbeing after flying. Guides include jet lag management and hydrating effectively after arrival.

Wellness at destination: from biohacking treatments to a private prayer session with the Tibetan Buddhist leader.

VistaJet Members can now access wellness practices at their source, and benefit from exclusive Private World partner offerings with world-leading institutions, brands and experts, for a truly global experience of wellbeing.  

VistaJet offers something for everyone seeking to improve their health and wellbeing. To inspire taking off for the deepest and most personally transformative life adventures, VistaJet’s collection of Private World wellness recommendations include:

  • Nepal and Bhutan with Pelorus — A 21-day spiritual expedition through the heart of Buddhism, with prayer sessions, a helicopter ride to Mount Everest base camp, hiking, monastery visits and traditional rituals for body health. A journey of inner transformation and healing.
  • Sacred Valley, Peru with The Luminaire — Meet with an expert on herbalism and Andean medicinal traditions, and absorb the energy of ancient lands, all in the privacy of your casita tucked behind the Andean highlands. For intellectual growth and restoration of mind and body through harnessing the power of nature and natural medicine.
  • USA and Mexico with Abercrombie & Kent — Soul stirring adventures in the wild balanced with rejuvenating rituals and practices that reconnect you with earth and self. Experience the soulful energy of the U.S.A and Mexico as never before with a spiritual adventure of hands-on healing and immersion into its traditions.
  • Switzerland with Clinique Nescens — Exclusively designed post-flying treatments and retreats to rejuvenate the mind and body, located on the innovative Genolier healthcare campus. For a modern, scientific approach to lasting wellness and everyday wellbeing.
  • Maldives with JOALI BEING — The Maldives’ only dedicated wellbeing island, offering transformative 360 experiences, exploring the resort’s elemental therapies, healing technique, hydrotherapy hall, herbology center and more. Mind, skin, microbiome and energy are the resort’s key pillars, offering a hybrid of healing and restorative practices. For a unique and integrated approach to wellbeing on every level.
  • Qatar with Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som — As the first and largest full immersion wellness destination in the Middle East, Zulal Wellness Resort blends the 1,000-year-old holistic wisdom of Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) with contemporary therapies and health practices and is the first dedicated family wellness offering. Focusing on fitness, physiotherapy, spa, holistic health, aesthetic beauty and nutrition, wellness and healing are integrated into every aspect of your stay for a full mind and body rejuvenation.
  • Sweden with The Luminaire — From forest to ice sheets in the northern reaches of Swedish Lapland, indulge in all-natural detox and cold-water therapies guided by Wim Hof experts to reboot cells and develop performance endurance. A rare opportunity to receive cold-water therapy at its source and to spend time observing and learning from the Sami community.
  • Costa Rica with Hacienda AltaGracia, Auberge Resorts Collection — An escape for those seeking total well-being, this serene 50-casita resort features 180 acres of untamed tropical forest, a coffee farm, equine stables, an organic chef’s garden and a 20,000 square foot holistic wellness center with THE WELL. The place to embark on self-discovery and healing in true privacy, in your own time and space.
  • Ibiza with Rosebar — A dedicated longevity program that teaches how to live life optimally designed by Dr. Mark Hyman to promote optimization and renewal.
  • India with J Wellness Circle, Taj Hotels — Inspired by traditional Indian healing wisdom and based on principles of Ayurveda and Yoga in some of the most majestic palaces, iconic city hotels, idyllic beach resorts and serene mountain getaways across India. Embrace the power of rituals and of engaging the five senses in healing to reconnect with yourself.

With a global offering that is the first of its kind, VistaJet continues to lead creative service excellence for its Members around the world.

“When you look at something from the sky, you can spot new options, ideas, and in this case, new remedies and practices to add value to life. It is about reimagining your way in the world — because what else is the purpose of traveling the globe if not to expand yourself?” adds Matteo Atti, VistaJet’s Chief Marketing Officer.

VistaJet has been on a journey to transform time spent in the air — to make it something to savor. From Private Dining and now Wellness, VistaJet continues to pioneer a better way to fly — and live. Find out more about Wellness program at


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About VistaJet  

VistaJet is the first and only global business aviation company. On its fleet of silver and red business jets, VistaJet has flown corporations, governments and private clients to 187 countries, covering 96% of the world.
Founded in 2004, the company pioneered an innovative business model where customers have access to an entire fleet whilst paying only for the hours they fly, free of the responsibilities and asset risks linked to aircraft ownership. VistaJet’s signature Program membership offers customers a bespoke subscription of flight hours on its fleet of mid and long-range jets, to fly them anytime, anywhere. 
VistaJet is part of Vista — the world’s first private aviation ecosystem, integrating a unique portfolio of companies offering asset-light solutions to cover all key aspects of business aviation.  
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VistaJet Limited is a European air carrier that operates 9H registered aircraft under its Maltese Air Operator Certificate No. MT-17 and is incorporated in Malta under Company Number C 55231. VistaJet US Inc. is an Air Charter Broker that does not operate aircraft. VistaJet and its subsidiaries are not U.S. direct carriers. VistaJet-owned and U.S. registered aircraft are operated by properly licensed U.S. air carriers, including XOJET Aviation LLC. 


  • VistaJet Wellness program
  • VistaJet Wellness program
  • VistaJet Wellness program
  • VistaJet Wellness program

VistaJet launches aviation's first 360 Wellness program at altitude and at destination


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