Escalent Acquires C Space, Hall & Partners

DETROIT, April 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Top data analytics and advisory firm Escalent announces today it has acquired C Space and Hall & Partners from Omnicom. As leading partners to some of the world’s exceptional brands, Escalent, C Space and Hall & Partners have been helping companies innovate, improve, and navigate disruption for years. Now they are coming together to create a bigger, stronger and more capable partner to the world’s leading companies, combining deep industry expertise across brands, customers and products on a focused, global market insights platform to help clients find new sources of growth.

Together, the organizations have earned trusted partner status to the world’s leading brands across fast-growing industries including Automotive & Mobility, Consumer Goods & Retail, Financial Services, Health, and Technology as well as Energy, Telecom and Travel & Tourism.

“This union is rooted in unparalleled expertise in what drives human beings, cultures and markets—an understanding that makes our team incredibly valuable partners and positions our clients for success in today's fast-paced, ever-changing business climate,” said Escalent CEO Melissa Sauter. “Together, there is tremendous growth potential for our employees, clients and shareholders across the globe.”

Hall & Partners brings an excellent research and brand management franchise coupled with proprietary technology including an award-winning brand knowledge management platform to the union. C Space brings the market-leading solution for building communities and customer relationships, and Escalent brings a strong global platform with deep industry knowledge, and advanced capabilities in secondary research and analytics. The combined organization creates a powerful global presence with nearly 2,000 consultants, researchers, data scientists, technologists and operational experts in 20 countries.

“This acquisition is a big win for our employees,” added C Space CEO Jessica DeVlieger. “Our organizations are forward-thinking and offer employees an opportunity to nurture their professional growth through expanded products and services that have a real impact on our clients, in an environment that celebrates diversity and recognizes each team member’s valuable contributions.”

“Over the coming year, cross-company teams will work together to develop a thoughtful plan that ensures our clients and employees feel the benefits from our combined organization,” said Hall & Partners CEO Tim Wragg. “We are perfectly balanced to offer deep resources and leading technology while remaining devoted to personal client relationships. We’re eager to start working toward our future.”

DeVlieger and Wragg will continue to lead their organizations as part of Sauter’s executive leadership team. Clients will continue to work with the same experienced teams, and there are no near-term plans to change company locations or merge brand identities.

“We are very excited to put together these amazing capabilities into a focused, yet global leader dedicated to the highest quality research and insights for our clients. Together the companies create a fantastic combination of depth of expertise with scale and growth capability, while still being focused on one shared core mission. As such, the combined organization will continue to differentiate with their clients through exceptional insights and partnership,” said J.T. Treadwell, Managing Director at STG, Escalent’s financial sponsor.

About Escalent
Escalent is an award-winning data analytics and advisory firm specializing in industries facing disruption and business transformation. As catalysts of progress for more than 40 years, we accelerate growth by creating a seamless flow between primary, secondary, syndicated, and internal business data, providing consulting and advisory services from insights through implementation. Escalent is headquartered in Livonia, Michigan with locations across the US and in Canada, China, India, Ireland, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, UAE and the UK. Visit to see how we are helping shape the brands that are reshaping the world.

About C Space

C Space is a global customer insight, strategy and innovation agency building customers into the ways businesses work. Partnering with the world’s best-known brands including Walmart, McDonald’s, IKEA and more, C Space helps clients unlock growth through the power of human relationships—co-creating with customers, instead of for them, for increased relevance, deeper loyalty and higher customer lifetime value. C Space’s full-service customer solutions are tailored to meet specific business needs with a focus on private online communities, co-creation events, workshops and powerful storytelling and insights activation. Headquartered in Boston, C Space has offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Mexico City.

About Hall & Partners

Hall & Partners is a team of unconventional thinkers, obsessed with how marketing influences the relationship between people, brands and culture. Born out of adland, we are the insight agency known for weaving creativity with science. We distil data through a strategic lens to reveal ‘uncommon insights’ – human truths tailored to individual brands, not blackbox data available to the masses. We partner with clients to shape brand strategy and optimize brand and campaign performance. Our award-winning approach amplifies insights across every business area, propelling marketing decision-making to create an unmatched competitive advantage. Headquartered in London, Hall & Partners has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 

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Escalent Acquires C Space, Hall & Partners


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