Myron Golden Announces the Make More Offers Challenge for

New York, March 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New York, New York -

Myron Golden, Ph.D., is revealing the secrets to making better, more premium offers that have helped him and his students do over $100 million in sales. Myron is calling on motivated entrepreneurs to join The Make More Offers Challenge, starting March 6, 2023, to learn these techniques for themselves.

Myron Golden is an established business consultant and bestselling author of the book 'From The Trash Man To The Cash Man.' Having mastered personal finance and financial literacy, Myron shares his wisdom on the topics as a YouTuber and public speaker. Many of his mentees, a group that includes famous names such as Russell Brunson, Dan Lok, and Annie Grace, have gone on to have successful and highly visible careers of their own.

Myron Golden Announces the Make More Offers Challenge for

Myron sums up his philosophy for building wealth by saying, “You don’t need to make more money. You need to make money faster.” Now, with the launch of The Make More Offers Challenge, Myron is ready to teach his secrets behind lead generation offers, core product offers, premium value offers, retention offers, and more, to students all over the world.

Aimed at course creators, coaches, speakers, and consultants, the five day business challenge will focus on teaching emotional cooperation and logical justification, a concept that Myron has used himself to make several hit products. At the end of the class, enrollees will learn how to make precise and profitable high-ticket offers fast. Students of all skill levels, from beginners who are just starting on their journey to entrepreneurs generating 6 to 7 figures per month, are all welcome to join and upgrade their skills.

The class is a 5-day commitment with participants required to attend in-depth training sessions, projects, Q&A, and feedback sessions for 1 to 2 hours per day. Participants can either join via the live challenge or view recordings which will be available for a limited time after the live sessions. Enrollees will also get access to the Make More Offers Challenge Facebook Group where they will join other similarly motivated entrepreneurs.

Participants can join using the General Admission ticket, the VIP ticket, or the Platinum VIP ticket. The Platinum VIP ticket allows students to be guaranteed to ask their questions during a VIP session that will be held before the General Admission sessions each day. They are limited to only 50 and are first come, first serve. They won’t be available until a few days before the challenge. The upgrade option will be emailed to the VIP ticket holders first and then, if spots remain, to the general admission ticket holders.

The VIP ticket includes backstage passes to learn from Dr. Myron Golden as he answers questions from the Platinum VIP ticket holders. The VIP ticket also includes perks such as the Millionaire Mindset Makeover, How The Law Of 'At Action' Really Works, and first access to purchase an upgraded Platinum VIP ticket. The backstage VIP training will run from 11 AM to 12 PM each day while the general training session will run from 12 PM to 1 PM.

On Day 1, Myron will delve into Offer Science and teach students how to pick out a good offer from a bad offer. On Day 2, students will understand the psychology of the consumer and will learn the right moment to sell their offer. On the third day, Myron will share how to have the perfect conversation around the offer. Day 4 is all about systemization where students will learn how to create systems for their offers. Finally, on Day 5, Myron will reveal how to predict winning offers.

Several students who have taken on the challenge have lauded the quality of insights that Myron shared during the sessions. In his Make More Offers Challenge review, Matt Bristig says, 'I took Myron's advice and made $75,000 in four days. A month ago, I didn’t even know who Myron was.'

Enrollment for the class is currently open. The General Admission ticket is priced at $97 while the VIP ticket can be purchased for $297.


For more information about Myron Golden Live, contact the company here:

Myron Golden Live
Javier Murphy
(972) 853-9696
19046 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. # 1109
Tampa, Florida 33647, USA



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